New Zealand

Our riding in New Zealand is focused on appreciating the beautiful pristine wilderness in areas not readily accessible to vehicles and, in some cases, not even on foot. The rugged nature of the country means the pace and scenery are constantly varied. Horses are bred and trained to be versatile and adapt to the changing footing and altitude. NZ station-breds, THB crosses, Arab crosses and even Clydesdales, Appaloosas and Quarterhorses may all be found here. Kiwis refer to “the High Country” when describing the area made famous by the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and, with good reason. In some cases the country is very “high” and negotiating some challenging country, whilst not at a fast pace, does mean these rides are for an adventurous rider, happy to ride in wild terrain. Whilst the traditional way of working with farmstock mostly means rustic accommodation in the form of shearer’s sheds and shepherd’s huts, we have itineraries with more comfortable and even luxurious accommodation complementing your time in the saddle with some lovely rest and relaxation.

New Zealand’s configuration of two large islands gives it a distinction of its own. Inevitably those born, bred and living in the north LOVE the north and, naturally, those in the South believe the South to be unbeatable! For visitors, both islands are a pleasure to travel: relaxed, yet offering high levels of service, breathtakingly beautiful scenery – whether coastline, mountain-top or countryside. Even the cities have a purity about them whilst still retaining a friendliness and hospitality rarely found in the modern world.

New Zealand has a great diversity of geography and geology: from sulphur springs to winelands, prehistoric mountain forest to open, empty beaches. The country is mainly fertile and enjoys significant rainfall especially in the winter months June-September in the north. On both island at high altitude, as well as lower altitude on South Island, winter sees highest levels of snow – perfect for alpine pursuits. Summer is December to February. Peak holiday time for visitors and locals.

New Zealand is served well by international carriers to both North and South Islands. Getting around is easy: hiring a car to self-drive, travel by rain or regional airlines get you around the country quickly, safely and easily.

  • Wine country – there are vineyards dotted all over the country – even on the small neighbouring islands!
  • City visits on both islands including places of historical and cultural interest
  • Trail-biking, bird-watching, golf
  • Australia! If time and budget allow

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