Argentina is the land of the true and dedicated horseman. The passion for horses is steeped in its culture with gauchos taking extraordinary pride in their work with their horses. Owners equally dedicate time and money into their favoured equine pastime. The love of the horse is everywhere: in the cities you will find regular polo match fixtures and all over the country there are farms and estancias where horses are bred, trained and worked in the traditional way, because your status in your community is indicated by how well your horses look and perform. Well-known local breeds include the Criollo and there are now recognised lines of imported stock including Peruvian Paso, Thoroughbred and Arab.

In addition to stunning horses and countryside, Argentina is home to the Tango, wonderful beef and lamb (an “asado” barbeque is mouth-wateringly delicious) and, of course, a love of soccer! Even if soccer is not a favourite of yours, you cannot help but get caught up in the infectious enthusiasm of the locals.

Argentina is vast and despite being in the Southern Hemisphere there are areas where it can snow – even in their summer. Riding on most Estancias may be done year round but for rides in the higher regions, such as on the edge of the Andes, the timeframe is in summer months only (Nov/Dec-Jan/Feb).

Different regions are popular at different times of year, so rates vary accordingly with the lower season being in Argentina’s winter (May-Sept)

Buenos Aires is the main hub for international flights and from there one can self-drive, fly or bus around the country quite easily. The buses are safe, comfortable and reasonably priced – not a problem for single females (I have travelled this way without any problems). Regional flights are quicker, but can be unreliable. Self-driving may be done in sedan vehicles for much of the country, but in more extreme areas (Patagonia) a 4×4 and professional organisation of your trip is essential.

Our favourite destinations to really create a fantastic trip of a lifetime include:

  • Buenos Aires for Tango, the Tigre Delta and because it is an incredible city!
  • Iguazu Falls to the country’s north and on the border of Brazil
  • Peninsular Valdes for dolphin and whale watching
  • Patagonia for a touch of Welsh culture and extraordinary glaciers
  • The Lake District for beautiful country and being in touching distance of the Andes
  • Mendoza for lovers of wine, food and annual Vendimia Wine Festival in early March

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