Community & Animal Welfare Projects

We prioritise and enjoy making an impact on the ground wherever we send our guests.

Our partners across the world work hard to promote positive tourism impact by employing members of local communities, supporting local businesses and endeavours and minimizing carbon footprint by using more naturally sourced energy supplies, sensitive waste management systems and sourcing locally and responsibly produced food for you to enjoy!

Closer to home in Botswana, we work with local communities to encourage positive and kind animal welfare practices and care for the environment.


What we are doing

We are currently providing refuge to 3 donkeys, undernourished and in need of urgent veterinary attention. SPANA and MAWS, both animal welfare charities, kindly assisted in their treatment. Whilst we have not yet managed to locate the owners, the donkeys continue to be cared for and the foal “Dinky” is a fantastic ambassador for working donkeys here and will do more educational work with local children in the near future.

We are in a positive partnership with local duck owners, who struggled to house and keep their 3 ducks safely. We now have over 20 ducks and are working on expanding the flock to create a sustainable, sensitive commercial enterprise to the benefit of the owners. This is a long-term project, but initial results have been rewarding

We work on a voluntary basis with Maun Animal Welfare Society “MAWS” assisting them in their efforts to give low income animal owners free veterinary attention and advice to their animals, spay and neuter their domestic pets and reduce the populations of stray dogs with outreach programs and their adoption/rehoming programs. This essential work also protects precious wildlife species by reducing the risk and spread of canine distemper and rabies – which can wipe out fragile packs of Wild Dog, for example.

Horses are a great way to educate and inspire anyone of any age but with children, it’s especially rewarding and entertaining. We spend an hour chatting about the essential needs of a horse (and most creatures – ourselves included), grooming the horses, learning about the relationship between horse and rider/owner and an hour riding – which always causes great excitement.

How you can help

Simply travelling with us is supporting community and animal welfare initiatives around the world. However, additional help is always well-received and ensures more help for more communities and more animals. Here are some ideas:

  • Donate monthly to MAWS. The clinic costs US$6,000 to run per month. The cost of spaying or neutering one dog is $40. Monthly donations are invaluable to ensure that all programs continue to run and provide the much-needed care to animals in northern Botswana. Single donations also gratefully received and welcomed. Read more about MAWS.
  • Donations of Tack. Bring any old but still safe useable tack that we will give to local donkey and horse owners. In particular:
    Numnahs/Saddle Cloths
    Stirrups & Leathers
    Grooming brushes (soft) and hoof picks
    Saddles if you can!
  • Donations of Old Clothing, Stationery. There are several well-deserving charities here that work with older people, orphaned or disadvantaged children. Whatever you bring will be given out to those in need.

If wanting to donate to destinations outside of Botswana please contact us.


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