The vast country (sub continent) of India has had a colourful past and this is reflected greatly in the westerly region of the country in the state of Rajasthan: “The Land of Kings” where some of the most incredible and varied itineraries for all travelling enthusiasts are available. This unique region has a wealth of history, culture and tradition with a great diversity of past influences including tribalism, Aryan “noblemen”, the Huns and the Rajputs (their name meaning “Children of Kings”) who became a warrior race to fend off enemy invasion and British Colonialism.

India has plenty to offer: from experience, mode of travel, budget and length of stay. Our favourite itineraries focus on at least 3 star service and accommodation – for a less frenetic and hassle-free experience – to the more luxurious. Some feature extraordinary wildlife areas, such as Ranthambore Park and Bera and others feature the famous highlights of Agra for Taj Mahal and beautiful, historical and colourful cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Where we can, we’ve mixed them up so you enjoy a varied selection of India’s contrasting offerings. All are designed to give you the best experience in this incredible country.

Additional destinations would be a yoga retreat in the Himalayas, a beach break on the coast or further active adventure on foot or bicycle.

Rajasthan is a desert region and whilst much of the country for most of the year is dry, the monsoons in summer provide a relief to rural farmers and city folk alike. However, this is a hot and humid time of year for visitors, so safaris generally take place from August – April seasonally. Rates are highest during this time frame and do reduce considerably “out of season”.

Modern Delhi airport is a pleasure to arrive to and depart from and is easily accessed from most major international airports. From here, depending on where you start and end your trip, there are safe, clean and organised transfers by airconditioned bus or train journeys. Please enquire for more details.

Most visitors to India require a visa. These are easily obtained online and must be organised before your journey. Please contact us for assistance on how to go about this.

Please contact your doctor or specialist medical clinic for advice on inoculations required. It is also recommended that you bring a well stocked first aid kit with you for your own peace of mind.

Meals are freshly prepared to all requirements and to the very highest level of hygiene (though beef does not feature in general in Rajasthan for religious and cultural reasons). However, when travelling elsewhere be mindful of the fundamental guidelines for eating and travel in any foreign destination. Please contact us for more information.

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