Argentina is a land of passionate people: their energy and zest for life completely infectious. This, combined with awe-inspiring destinations covering desert, coastal, glacial, mountainous and plateaued country makes for an outstanding adventure and safari holiday destination. Buenos Aires, the country’s colourful and cultural capital, is famously home to Evita, the Tango – which is dramatically celebrated by impromptu dances and displays “downtown”, soccer (of course!) and some of the world’s tastiest beef and barbecue dishes. Highlights of Argentina include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Buenos Aires – The heart of cosmopolitan Argentine culture.
  • Iguazu Falls – Impressive and easily accessible on the Brazilian border.
  • Patagonia – For the Andes, truly rugged and wild remote mountainous country and a fascinating Welsh heritage.
  • Peninsular Valdes & Puerto Madryn – Home to stunning marine wildlife including the Orca.
  • Estancias – Country ranches offering a range of activities including fly-fishing, horse-riding, vintage car collections, bird-watching, gaucho sports – authentic rural Argentine culture.
  • Mendoza – For premium Argentine wine tasting and annual Vendimia Wine Festival in early March.

Experiences in Argentina range from the most adventurous to the chic and luxurious. We have selected some sample itineraries for you, which can be adapted according to your own taste, budget and personal “wish list”. Contact us with any questions you might have!

Argentina is a huge country and despite being in the southern hemisphere there are areas where it can snow – even in their summer – which is November to March. Some destinations are only accessible at this time – but there is plenty to do all year round!

Buenos Aires is the main hub for international flights and from there one can self-drive, fly or bus around the country quite easily. The buses are safe, comfortable and reasonably priced – not a problem for single females (I have travelled this way without any problems). Flights are quicker, of course, and pretty reliable – but it is recommended to try and build in an extra night before connecting to another flight unless you’ve booked the ticket as a combination. Self-driving may be done in sedan vehicles for much of the country, but in more extreme areas (Patagonia) a 4×4 and professional organisation of your trip is essential.

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