Rides on the Wild Side

What we do

If you love horses like we do we have an adventure for you…

We have something for everyone: wildlife-oriented rides, cultural and historical tours on horseback, pioneering mobile type adventures and wild beach gallops and escapades. There are rides to suit all, whether you are a confident and athletic rider or a more relaxed trail-style rider.

Rides on the Wild Side will connect you as a horse rider and enthusiast to the horseback riding experience that matches your ability, fitness, budget, time constraints and dreams. There is a whole world to explore and travelling on horseback offers a unique perspective and experience that you simply don’t find on conventional safaris or holidays. We regularly accompany our riders and groups assuring the smooth running of your adventure. There is no minimum number of guests required for this service.

Why us

We are unique, the first and only horseback safari agency situated in the heart of the World’s finest safari country. Botswana is Africa’s greatest accolade. Being located here means we have up to the minute information on all aspects of the conditions in Botswana and the entire African region at our fingertips. Our long standing partnerships worldwide are steeped in years of collaboration so our knowledge and experience is unrivalled. We are proud to call our partners friends as well as colleagues.

Our policy has always been to only promote rides that we ourselves have either experienced or know well. All our horseback safaris are owned and run by established professionals and we all share the same passion of creating memorable adventures for you.

What we can do for you

Rides on the Wild Side will create your entire, personalised travel itinerary around the focal point of the horse-riding element.

We specialise in organising tailor-made adventures to include other destinations of importance. We also offer extraordinary and exciting itineraries for those who prefer not to ride, whether in conjunction with family and friends who are riding, or as a completely separate and distinct holiday.

Our attention to detail and bespoke personalised service is part of our service and need not “break the bank”.

We work with handpicked partners worldwide to offer you the experience of your dreams: whether it be extreme adventure in the Andes or a gentle trail through a private game reserve.